Orchids Platform

The Orchids platform allows you to do your best fashion creation work, online. Everything is visualized in 3D and shared as needed. Easily team up and work together, instantly. It allows for everyone to always be on the same page. Easy-peasy.

Here is how it works!

Create Products and Variants – Fast!

Easily change materials and colors, apply prints and graphics, and make 3D products easy to design for anyone.

Use the power of links!

Share your products online with external stakeholders. 

Publish & Enhance the Customer Experience

Embed 3D products anywhere for interactive product visualization. 

Any Asset, Anytime & Anywhere

Easily see and manage your 3D assets – instantly – on any device – mobile or desktop.

Publish Your Products with our Configurator. In Beautiful, Fast Loading 3D

Publish pre-configured product variants. 

Update with a single click.

Ensure smooth manufacturing and fulfillment processes for your made-to-order custom products.

Orchids is a Visual, Online Workspace For All

Work solo or team up on one or many fashion products, anytime & anywhere.

We worked hard to make everything simple, quick, accessible and beautiful.

For anyone – whether a generalist or specialist.