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March 2022 highlights

Fitting room upgrades — Brick-and-mortar stores, betting on a return to in-person shopping, are starting to invest in high-tech improvements that include 3D scanners for body measurements.

New eco-friendly materials — The race is on to develop an array of new materials that are animal-friendly, more sustainable, and reduce the industry’s sizable carbon footprint.

War in UkraineThe crushing invasion of Ukraine and retaliatory sanctions against Russia will ripple through the fashion industry. How much and how long remains to be seen.

Big news hintExcitement alert: A major announcement is coming later this month about our Orchids web platform for collaboratively designing fashion products in 3D. Stay tuned!

By the numbers — Pay cut to keep dressing down for work, Brooks Running hits a milestone, and $25.3 million for 200 pairs of designer sneakers.


February 2022 highlights

Digital investment critical — New research says that not investing more in digital sales will hurt revenue growth, and 88% of retailers are making digital their top investment priority.

Brave new world — Artificial intelligence, using neural networks, can create digital images of fashion concepts that don’t exist and virtual fashion models with authentic human movements.

Auto-warming jackets — In the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics, Team USA will wear Ralph Lauren jackets with insulating fabric that expands as temperatures drop.

Back to school — The prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology in New York is offering a virtual course about Embodee’s Orchids platform, our online product creation and publishing platform for fashion.

Record revenue — The U.S. footwear industry is celebrating a nearly 30% increase in consumer spending for shoes last year, setting a record of $100 billion.


January 2022 highlights

Digital and more digital — What’s ahead in 2022? Predictions include a range of digital innovations, including new ways to dress metaverse avatars and more 3D virtual stores. 

Supply-chain innovations — Nearly a quarter of technology investments last year were targeted at in the fashion and retail space. Among the spending priorities: inventory flow planning.

Climate change — New York state is considering legislation that would impose large financial penalties on global fashion companies that don’t do enough to combat global warming.

3D design transformation — We’ve examined how the fashion solution provider Norlanka successfully transformed its design process to 3D with help from Embodee’s web-based Orchids platform. 

Most valuable brand — With a $34.4 billion valuation, Nike ranked as the world’s most valuable apparel brand in 2021, more than double that of Gucci, number two on a Top 10 list.


December 2021 highlights

Virtual Nikeland
Nike has unveiled an immersive 3D virtual place in the metaverse to attract and sell to consumers who increasingly live online as digital avatars.

Virtual stores evolve — They’re becoming a blend of physical stores and e-commerce sites, featuring an immersive, visually appealing buying experience in a 3D place.

AR to boost sales Augmented reality applications and related hardware improvements appear poised to reduce friction points and better engage shoppers.

Fashion’s environmental problems — Technologies including virtual sampling and digital models could help brands reduce carbon emissions, water pollution, and waste in general.

Metaverse revenue — Investment bank Morgan Stanley foresees $50 billion in revenue for luxury brands that sell digital-only apparel to outfit virtual personas in the metaverse.


November 2021 highlights

Brisk apparel sales
Amid the gloom and doom of jammed supply chains and rampant inflation comes good news: strong sales are expected to continue through the year’s end.

Digitization benefits — An op-ed published by the influential World Economic Forum says the fashion industry’s ongoing digitization reduces pollution and increases profits.

Dye your own — Dyeing and printing innovations mean Ralph Lauren may soon let customers choose any color for polo shirts and see their choices dyed digitally in stores.

Showing off Orchids Embodee is hitting the road on Nov. 9-10 for PI Apparel NYC to demonstrate Orchids, our new online creation and publishing platform for fashion in 3D. 

Expensive used shoes A pair of Nike Air Ship basketball shoes first worn by Michael Jordan in a game 37 years ago has sold at auction for a record $1.47 million.


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