Ease of Use

Get it done, in your browser!

Designing fashion and apparel products can take weeks or months, even when working in a digital product development process, for you to finally get the design version you’ve envisioned. We’ve all been there, we need the same shirt with different color, prints, graphic or materials variations; in blue, with a print, and with a graphic but the 3D apparel designer is busy creating other models and you don’t get your new versions quickly.

As easy as 1-2-3!

That’s why our team has worked hard to create Orchids and make fashion creation and publishing simple, quick, accessible and beautiful for users to work with 3D without needing the 3D expertise. Orchids allows everyone to work together, review and approve fashion and apparel products, online.

It just takes a couple of clicks and voilá you have all the variations you could imagine in less time.

For anyone - whether a generalist or specialist

Get merchandising, design, manufacturing, and sales creating together in one online platform. Everyone can access 3D assets in-real-time and create their own variants. Eliminate the countless email threads, downloading of files, and save time. With Orchids users are able to comment, track progress and review products anytime & anywhere.