An Online 3D Workspace for All

The Orchids platform allows you to work solo or team up on one or many fashion products, anytime & anywhere. Bring in other stakeholders to be part of the digital product creation process, from merchandising and design to marketing and sales together in one workspace.

Reduce back and forth, no need to email different iterations of the same product. Users can access up-to-date versions of fashion products.

Create Together, Instantly.

Teams can create simultaneously on the Orchids platform and have access to assets in real-time. Pull in any expertise, even when they are on the other side of the world, and use links to have others join the process. Easily bridging distance and time.

Picture this: the 3D apparel designer uploads your 3D assets, sets them up and now designers, merchandisers, sales and others can access the different products and create their own variants while the 3D apparel designer continues to create new 3D models. Save time and cost!

Contextual Communication!

Use comments and threads directly on models to jot thoughts, get input, and make decisions. Users can pinpoint exactly what they are referring to on the 3D product for instant communication, in your browser.